What is a micro data center and how can it help me lower costs?

Your IT infrastructure is the very heart of your organization. However, many IT departments are confronted with outdated and complex infrastructure, resulting in operational limitations and high costs. Hyperconvergence is the solution and a micro data center makes it possible and easy.

IT infrastructure is often constructed based on a traditional model, in which storage, servers, and networking are stand-alone units. IT technicians independently add additional resources on the basis of the latest requirements, which means the current infrastructure becomes ever more complex.

This leads to important business processes being dependent on error-prone systems and on employees with up-to-date expertise. Very quickly, you’ll have spent a large part of your IT budget maintaining this complex infrastructure. Our micro data center solution satisfies the latest requirements while keeping your IT environment simple and affordable.

Micro data centers and hyperconvergence as game changers

You can simplify your infrastructure with a micro data center. Servers, storage, and networking are fully integrated by our software stack: HyperCore. This game changing technology within a micro data center is referred to as hyperconvergence.  But, what does it mean?

Hyperconvergence is the combination of hypervisor (software that makes virtualization possible) and convergence (when typically separate systems are combined). Hyperconvergence is a complete infrastructure, based on software, which virtualizes all hardware including compute, storage, and networking.

A micro data center allows you to run dozens or even hundreds of workloads on a handful of physical servers, with system management that is incredibly simple and easy to use.. Due to its scalability, the platform has a long lifespan and the system management costs are relatively low. Hyperconvergence allows your IT department to do more with less.

Micro Data Center-in-a-Box

Micro Data Center-in-a-Box is an all-in-one hyperconverged infrastructure that allows you to realize all the benefits of virtualization and hyperconvergence. APC By Schneider, Scale Computing, Lenovo, Intel, and Microsoft came together with the objective of offering a solution for IT system managers who want to reduce budget and have more time to innovate.

The complete infrastructure, eliminates the need for expensive licenses – for example: VMware, backup & recovery, replication, and high storage costs. Scaling out is simple, so you can handle future growth.


  • No license costs
  • Complete hardware and software solution
  • Modular, flexible & scalable
  • Extremely simple to manage
  • Allow your IT team to do more with less
  • Hybrid cloud ready

In short, with a Micro Data Center-in-a-Box you are prepared for the future!

Who is it for?

Because it is a compact, flexible solution with a plug-and-play design, it is a perfect solution for both SME (Small and Medium Enterprise) companies as well as large organizations with multiple locations. It enables the local processing of data (Edge Computing) where is is needed instead of just moving everything to the cloud or a central data warehouse. You can collect data via sensors and process these on site, so that data processing can be carried out without unnecessary delay.

If you would like more information about the technologies that make a micro data center modern, simple and scalable Download the e-Book: The building blocks for a new trouble-free IT environment.

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